About the Coach

Sheri E. Barnes, MA, MEd, CHC, CLC



I started the website justwindmusings.com in 2015 as a forum for sharing my passion for cycling and the lessons I learned through it. While cycling is still a huge part of my life, and I continue to learn and grow through my experiences on the bike, I am excited to be combining my educational background in sociology and exercise science with my years of experience as a Kansas cyclist and vegan to launch JustWind Coaching for Health & Habit Change.

I earned my health coaching certification in 2017 and my life coaching certification in 2018, both through Health Coach Institute.

My unique approach combines purposeful living, plant-based nourishment and empowered movement to teach the lifestyle practices that help people live and age with power and purpose, while contributing to the creation of a healthier, more compassionate world. I am passionate about this mission because I have watched family members, friends and acquaintances suffer as their health declines and their lives contract. While we will all age, I firmly believe that we have some control–more than many people think–over how we age and what our lives are like as we do so.

The JustWind philosophy posits that we all encounter challenges in life, and it is up to us to choose to face them positively and courageously. Doing so allows us to live and age with power and purpose. That philosophy is the foundation of my coaching practice.

“Bend with the wind and keep on living.”  –Howard Thurman