Spokes of the Wheel: Strategies That Add Strength & Support

Strategy #1: Transformational Coaching

As a health and habit change coach trained in transformational coaching methods, I help you achieve your goals to live and age with power and purpose through a system that involves setting up conditions for inevitable success, exploring your deepest motivations for healthy changes, teaching easy habits that make a big difference and transforming new habits into long-term behaviors that become a regular part of your life.

Strategy #2: Plant-based Nourishment

As a vegan since 2008 and a vegetarian since 1982, I am convinced that a plant-based diet results in the most good and the least harm to the human body, the planet that supports all life and the animals with whom we share the planet. There is plenty of science to back this up. Dr. Michael Greger is my favorite curator of health and nutritional research. Here is just one short video on the topic of plant-based nutrition for optimal health. I can assist you in transitioning to health- and life-supporting plant-based nourishment through either (or both!) the JustWind 90-day Health & Habit Transformation or the JustWind 14-day Cleanse & Plant-Based Power Start.

Strategy #3: Empowered Movement

Empowered movement incorporates visualizations and emboldening quotes or mantras into the right physical activity for your individual body, goals and lifestyle. Whether you are an experienced athlete or someone who is new to intentional exercise, we will explore together the many ways that moving with purpose can help you take your health and well-being to new levels.

“People who believe they have the power to exercise some measure of control over their lives are healthier, more effective and more successful than those who lack faith in their ability to effect changes in their lives.” –Albert Bandura