Eat. Move. Think. Coaching Services

The mission of my coaching practice is to help people who are motivated by health and/or ethics to eat, move and think in healthier, more compassionate ways, improving the quality of their lives, while making a positive difference in the world.

Currently, I offer 12-week individual coaching packages to guide you toward eating, moving and thinking in healthier more compassionate ways.

Customized to your personal needs, my coaching centers around plant-based nourishment, empowered movement and the JustWind mindset.

Plant-based Nourishment

I am convinced that the most compassionate way of eating is also the healthiest and the kindest to our planet. While I am not a registered dietitian, if you are ready to transition to plant-based eating or to enhance the healthfulness of your vegan lifestyle, I am here to help.

Empowered Movement

Physical activity is critical to our well-being. We can make this even more effective by the way we approach it. I will teach you strategies to enhance your mental and emotional well-being while improving your health.

JustWind Mindset

The JustWind mindset holds that we have the power to choose our perspectives, and the ones we choose shape our lives. This is a critical part of creating a healthy, compassionate life. I will work with you to release mindsets and attitudes that are not serving you, so you can adopt those that do.

If you are motivated to increase the levels of health and compassion in your life, schedule your complimentary coaching session, so that we can explore our fit.

12-Week Eat. Move. Think. Coaching Package: I offer weekly phone or Skype coaching sessions according to a trust-based pricing model.

The individual package has a value of $1,200. You pay according to conscience and ability.

Let’s schedule a complimentary session to discuss your goals, why they are important to you and how I can serve you. If we decide that we are a good fit, we’ll make payment arrangements, based on your conscience and ability to pay.

Have a friend who would like to join you in a coaching package? Let’s talk about what that could look like.