Work with me.

My mission is to contribute to the creation of a healthier, more compassionate world through helping people develop the energy, mindset and well-being to accomplish what they want to accomplish and live with no regrets.

I offer solution-focused coaching in clear-cut, 8-week individual or group packages. (Stay tuned for future day and weekend No Regrets Intensives.)

  • Individual package: 2 payments of $450 or 1 payment of $797 (When you renew, your pricing is guaranteed, even if rates have increased.)
  • Group program (Beginning in February, April, August & November each year): $397 (optional individual coaching session for an additional $97) Next limited enrollment period begins October 27, 2019.

If you realize that life is short, and the time to live is now, and the idea of living, aging and ultimately dying with regret scares you, schedule a complimentary coaching session.

“Tonight, lying in your bed, only you will know whether you gave it all, whether you risked everything for the chance to win, whether you did all you could. At the end of this day, let us all be at peace, with no regrets.”

–C. Vivian Stringer