I’m glad you are here!

Maybe you’re like me. As I get older, I notice that time passes more and more quickly. With that recognition comes a strong desire to do everything I can to make sure that I am living with no regrets.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, but life can wear us down.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”—Mark Twain

Do you struggle to have the energy to do the things you want to do?

Is it hard to get motivated to go after your big goals?

Are you feeling discouraged by physical limitations and wonder if there is anything you can do to live more fully?

Are you worried that you won’t be able to accomplish what you really want to accomplish in life?

Are you afraid that life is going to pass you by and that you will find yourself with regrets as you age?

If any of these questions resonates with you, we might be a good match.

I call myself a No Regrets Coach because I am committed to helping people who have become aware of how quickly time passes develop the energy, mindset and well-being to accomplish what they want to accomplish and live with no regrets.

I think one of the scariest things in life is the prospect of reaching my later years filled with regret, feeling like I didn’t do what was important to me, that I didn’t maximize my health, that I wasn’t fully present in my important relationships, that I sold myself short.

I don’t want this for myself, and I don’t want it for you.