Hello! I’m Sheri.


My mission is promoting inner and outer peace through cycling, reading, writing and vegan living–all passions that make a big difference for me and that I believe are my tools for making a difference in the world.

One June day in 2002, three simple words casually uttered by my friend David changed my life. I tell the whole story here.

With the words, “It’s just wind,” my mindset shifted, and I realized that I could choose my perspective. It was my choice to feel either victimized by the wind that had been beating us up all week on Biking Across Kansas—a ride that I loved, even then—or I could accept it for what it was and choose to be happy and grateful anyway. So simple, but truly life changing.

The insight I received on that day has influenced my life ever since, and I have tried to use it to make a difference for others in a variety of ways over the years–moving from a simple blog to a coaching practice and now back to a blog. While this page may continue to evolve and change in the future, I hope that some of the ideas I share will help you (and me!) to grow inner and outer peace in our lives, changing it for the better one little piece at a time.